Hello, hi there! 

Hi! My name is Danielle Davis, thanks for dropping in!
I'm the owner and operator of this new cinematic adventure: Eventide Cinema.
We call Cleveland, Ohio home
but are always ready to talk new adventures.

Eventide Cinema is a creative team passionate about capturing the authenticity of life's little moments.

We are cinematic story tellers with the true pleasure of documenting real love stories.

Our down-to-earth approach combined with our ever-growing love for visual story telling, enables us to craft sincere moments with each and every couple;

on and off camera.

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Title Wave original.png

We keep it real.

We are light-hearted, go-getting filmmakers who aim for more fun and less stress.

Inspired by the simple, lovely moments of two people crazy in love.

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For the love of film 🎥
home 💙
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When I'm not shooting weddings you can probably find me at the ballpark shooting some baseball and racing hotdogs.

If it's not baseball season, I'm hiding from the Ohio cold and working with my CIFF family.

There's no place like home. Live happily with my other half and our 4 cats; Jynx, Muh, Basil & Ronnie.

If we're not at home we're at the beach hunting for beach glass, or exploring somewhere new with my camera.

I love street art. Pizza is delicious, ice cream is my favorite but I'll always have room for wedding cake.

when i'm not shooting weddings